Best Wireless Gaming Headphones Under 200 Dollars

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Introduce: Do not know that how to select the best wireless gaming headphones under 200 dollars? You may find the way at here. Nowadays, why more and more people like buying gaming headphones? Just imagine that if own such a good product, you can get into a multiplayer game on the internet which makes it easy to communicate with your game teamers and give you more realism and fun. And you also can coordinate your actions and short instructions with your friends and even insults to your enemy. Moreover, once you do need to immerse in the internet world and master all critical sound cues such as the growl of the enemies from behind a window or the footsteps behind your back, the best wireless gaming headphones are necessary and that’s why it is becoming popular,However,  it is not so easy to find the best deal to meet your need, the following top three wireless gaming headphones under 200 dollars comparison report might help any of you who wanna go into an exciting gaming world with a gaming headset

Compare Affordable Wireless Gaming Headphones Under 200 Dollars

A good gaming headphone can own those with $200

 A Clever Microphone

Communicating with the other gamers in the battle, players ought to have a microphone featured in their headphones. so, to make the opponents and teammates hear clear and loud, it’s essential to select a headphones with crystal clear reception. Most headphones alter the position with arms, but more expensive products are adjustable.

Noise Cancelling

Noise cancelling, it’s a significant factor for gamers who like to listen at low volumes. Designers care about blocking out sounds more than sound quality. Therefore, Gamers prefer noise cancelling headsets but not ones built with surround sound. These headphones are well suitable for game players who would like to block out background noises.

Powerful Wireless

Wireless headphones are budget for gamers hating having cords draped companied with them all the time. Wireless headphones ease all the hassle and mess which is associated with cords. Most charge via USB and headphones in the industry standard can support 10 hours of game playing. Besides, lots of wireless models under $200 have a range spanning up to 40 feet that is helpful for a short distance to the fridge or bathroom.

Satisfied comfort

A Wireless Gaming Headphones Under 200 Dollars should allow the gamers both non-intrusive and comfortable even engaging in hours of game playing. And as a top priority, inexpensive headphones are not made with comfort typically, and what’s worse, some can make users have headaches after prolonged using. So, the headphones should have ear cups and padded headbands.

Above four does need your big attention if you want to get the biggest budget. The following three are what we collect based on the four guides at above, they may help you!

Best Wireless Gaming Headphones Under 200 Dollars

You’d better check out this good and cheap gaming headsets under 200 dollars before you buy any headphones for gaming,which are all those bestsellers on

 Logitech Wireless Gaming headphone UNDER 200

Best wireless gaming headphones under 200 Dollars

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G930 Logitech wireless gaming headphone G930, with a fast wireless connection, makes you upgrade without being tied down. In addition, 7.1 surround sound makes you just right in the center of the action. Let’s take a comprehensive look at the model.

The pros:

①    Wireless gaming-grade performance—— by plugging the USB adapter in the PC, it serves you a strong lag-free connection from 40 feet away.

②    Three programmable G-keys——- for one-touch need over music, chat clients, voice morphing and more.

③    Immersive 7.1 surround sound——- gives you the enjoyment of positional audio which allows hearing your behind enemies sneaking up.

④    Noise-cancelling rotating mic——Reduces annoying background noise, Auto mutes while rotating it, Red mute light reminds of that whether your mic is off.

The con:

The function of wireless may easily make your headphone at a low energy

Black Ops II Tango Wireless Programmable Gaming Headset


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The future is coming with the Black Ops II Tango Headset. Now take the jump with programmable audio presets fully on your competition. Let’s take a comprehensive look at the model.

The pros:

Premium Surround Sound—— Dolby Surround Sound  Adjustable speaker angles

Interference Free Wireless Connection—– dual-band Wi-Fi with Static-free.

Audio Presets——  a deeper immersion and competitive advantage with Game-specific voice enhancements.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery——last up to 15 hours power while gaming.

Dynamic Chat Boost—— Never being drowned out by l sudden and loud noises.

The con:

The function of wireless may easily make your headphone at a low energy.

Turtle Beach XP400 Dolby Ear Force Gaming Headset

gaming headsets under 200 dollars

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 The XP400, featuring Dolby Xbox LIVE wireless chat and surround sound for an wonderful immersive experience, is a superior wireless gaming headset. This model equips with a 2.4/5 GHz WI-FI radio which eliminates wireless interference virtually with other devices. Let’s take a comprehensive look at the model.

The pros:

Technological Superiority——- adjust speaker angles actually built in the headphone.

Stay Connected——–never leaving the game even make use of Bluetooth or take phone calls.

 Groundbreaking Innovation——-help you get static free wireless– Dual-Band Wi-Fi which is from the specified company.

Advanced Chat Technology——-ensure your teammates never drowned out by loud explosions.

The con:

The function of wireless may easily make your headphone at a low energy.

Which one values your more attention?

The three mentioned are well welcome among the customers. However, after detailed contrast, it’s not hard to find the best. Look from the microphone, sound and noise canceling, their performance are nearly the same. But as for Wi-Fi and battery use, the Ops II Tango stands out boldly. It offers powerful static free wifi and rechargeable battery to ensure your fun not be interrupt. But judged from the price, the Ops II Tango cost the most and followed by the XP400 and Logitech. However, their price still are at a reasonable level. So the price is not the problem but the functions are. The Ops II Tango values your more attention.

The highlights of the Ops II Tango

Except for the pros of the Ops II Tango, it still has lots of other highlights. By configuring for game by nigh different audio presets, you can crank up world-shaking explosions, control the battleground and hear enemy’s footsteps with the 50mm tiny speaker drivers. As for the people who chasing the extreme fun while gaming, the acme sound enjoyment while listening or the speaking entertainment while chatting, this model is just designed for you.

Customer reviews

A product just sold by exaggerated introductions will not always work well. And the customer reviews are necessary for you. the Ops II Tango does not lack the highly praise. Many customers reflect that the product was possibly the best purchase they have made. If you want to know more Best Wireless Gaming Headphones Under 200 Dollars, is a good place to consider.